Doors and drawer fronts will from time-to-time go out of adjustment with frequent use or some external force happened to be applied to them.  Fortunately, adjustments are typically very simple and something you can do yourself to avoid the cost of a service call.

Door Adjustments

Virtually all doors hinged by Camrose Cabinets use what is known as a euro hinge.  We use high quality Blum hinges that have 3 way adjustment capablity - height, side-to-side and depth.

Height Adjustment.  This adjustment involves two screws, one to the top and one to the bottom of the hinge clip.   Loosen the screws slightly and then lift the door either up or down to the desired alignment and then tighten the screws again to secure the door in place. height
Side to Side Adjustment.  Turn the front adjustment screw to adjust the door left or right.  The direction of the turn and its effect depends on which side the door is hinged on.  blumadjustment2
Depth Adjustment.  Turn the back adjustment screw to change how far the door sits from the face of your cabinet. blumadjustment3


Drawer Front Adjustments

Drawer fronts typically do not change adjustment after the initial installation because they have screws that attach the drawer front to the drawer box and the handle screws that also attach the drawer front to the drawer box.  However, if something is out of alignment, loosen the handle and there will be one screw on either side of the drawer box that attaches the drawer front to the drawer box.  If you loosen these screws just a little bit the drawer front can usually be shifted a little bit to bring it into adjustment.  Once the adjustment is set, you re-tighten the handle screws and drawer box screws to hold it securely in place again.

If your cabinets have the newest Blum Movento drawer slides, these ones have a 4 way adjustment built-in to adjust side-to-side, in-and-out, up-and-down, and the tilt of the drawer face.  The adjustments are simple and can be easily done by home owners.  See the following instructions to adjust Movento slides if necessary.