Cabinet Interiors

The two most common materials used for cabinet interiors are melamine and wood veneers.  Most often melamines are applied onto a wood panel constructed with a particleboard core.  Wood veneers are commonly applied to both plywood.  In today's cabinet construction particleboard core is by far the most common material used.  This is done for a variety of reasons: cost effectiveness, stability of the product, consistency of the product.  Plywood with a wood veneer surface was for years the material used in cabinets but has been overtaken by by particleboard by a wide margin.  Today's melamine and particleboard technology is extremely advanced using low or no VOC materials and sophisticated materials engineering to creat panels optimiized for cabinet construction.  

Melamine on Particleboard Core


Veneer on Particleboard Core


Veneer on Plywood Core



Camrose Cabinets offers cabinets constructed of panels made from either particleboard core or plywood core.  For melamine cabinets, white and an optional natural maple color are standard choices.  For those that want plywood we certainly offer that option as well.


White Melamine Interior on Particleboard


Maple Melamine Interior on Particleboard


Birch/Maple Interior on Plywood