Door Styles

Doors are one of the most visible parts of your cabinets and the style and finish of the doors is most often what people think about when they look at buying new cabinets.  In our showroom we have dozens of door styles on display between our cabinets on display and the door sample display racks.  While we have samples of many of the more popular door styles, there are literally hundreds of possible combinations of profiles that you can choose from that are "standard" and available from the suppliers we deal with for our custom ordered doors.  In our displays, we have examples of all the major types of door styles:

  • Flat Panel Doors
  • One Piece MDF Doors
  • Solid Wood Slab online slots Doors
  • Raised Panel Doors (five piece mortise and tenon or mitre joint construction)
  • Recessed Panel Doors (five piece mortise and tenon or casino spiele mitre joint construction)

Door Sample Display Racks


Door Sample Display Racks


With literally hundreds of possible combinations of outside, inside and panel profiles we can only display a relatively small percentage of the potential combinations.  If we do not have the particular door style that you want, there is a very high probability that we can provide that door style from the standard available profiles.  If you want to see examples of standard available profiles, the brochure from one of our major door suppliers illustrates the potential profiles you could chose from.

Click here to view a PDF of Door Profiles