How Our Cabinets Are Built

Cabinet Design


Camrose Cabinets utilizes leading edge computer aided design (CAD) software to do our cabinet design work.  In todays manufacturing environment it is the "brains" of the operation.  Our professional designers will work with you to develop a layout for your room based on site measurements and your needs and how you would like to utilize the space.  The design process results in floor plan layouts, elevation drawings and 3D perspective drawings of the room and cabinetry for your review and approval.





The next step is to translate the CAD drawings to a cut list for use in our computer numerically controlled (CNC) saw and router to cut the material.  Jobs are typically cut on a just-in-time basis a few days before it is installed.  Pieces are custom cut for each job as we do not inventory any pre-cut or pre-assembled cabinets.  This allows us to make cabinets of virtually any size at a cost competitive with companies that only make stock cabinets.  We have no inventory expense having to carry a wide range of sizes, woods, colors and so on.  We custom manufacture each job based on your needs, not a standard catalog of sizes to make our life easier!

Selco CNC


Camrose Cabinets performs virtually all our own finishing work in-house in our advanced spray booth.  We have agressively pursued process and material changes to reduce our environmental footprint by switching to the exclusive use of water based stains to eliminate our volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions and working environment for our finishing staff.  We also use low VOC solvent lacquers and are hopeful to switch them to water based products soon as well. Spray



The final step in building your cabinets is the assembly process.  We use the superior construction technique of dowels and glue and then "squeeze" the cabinet together under the high pressure of a case clamp.  This clamping mechanism ensures the cabinets are completely square and as the glue sets up in a short period of time the cabinet is construction casino online is complete.  This method of construction is far superior to the cheaper methods of staples, pin nails or casino online screws.  While we may use pins or screws occasionally, they are there simply to hold components in place until the glueing and clamping process is completed.  

Once the cabinet is assembled, the doors can be hung, drawer boxes inserted and drawer fronts attached and the cabinet is ready for shipping and installation. 


Generally this is the only part of the process you will see.  The installation is critical to ensuring you end up with an excellent finished product.  The base cabinets are designed to sit on separate bases (sometimes called a toe kick or plinth).  There are a number of advantages to this type of installation.  A separate base allows for a much simpler levelling process.  It also protects the cabinet from potential water damage if there happened to be a flood in your home.  Water might damage the base, but it is much easier to replace the base than the entire cabinet.

Our professional staff take great care in setting and leveling the bases as this sets the stage for the rest of the installation.  Once the bases are set the base cabinets are installed.  If laminate countertops are being installed, they are fitted on the base cabinets after the base cabinets are securely in place.  The upper cabinets are then installed and finished with crown molding if that has been chosen.  To finish off the installation doors and drawer fronts are adjusted so proper alignment and spacing is achieved and handles are installed.